Immigrants and Diversity


It's been a while. I guess moving your whole life to another state can cause you to take a step back from blogging. I'm not sure anyone even reads blogs anymore, but sometimes it's just the outlet you need. 

The Acevedos have been firmly planted into the Carolinas. There have been difficult moments, but honestly God has been carrying me through every single day. I have learned to rely on Him in new and wonderful ways. At times I share my thoughts over on good ol' Instagram. #carolinaacevedos

But today I wanted to share a podcast episode I recorded with Emily Thomas from the Struggle Well Project. This episode was actually recorded back in June just before we left Miami. We talk about some of the things that are most important to me: mental health, immigration, diversity, and, of course, Jesus. I hope you'll take a listen and understand why my heart beats for diversity. And here's where I give a shout out to our church, Transformation Church. They are truly walking the walk when it comes to being a multicultural, multigenerational, mission-shaped community.

Thanks to Emily for having me as a guest on her podcast. It was truly a joy and an honor.