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rest in Him

Last Saturday we had our monthly women's gathering for Christ Fellowship Coral Gables. I had the opportunity to teach on rest. This is not something I've excelled at lately. Ever since summer ended life has been incredibly busy and full. I barely have time to slow down on any given day. But as I was reading Scripture lately (I've been camping out in the Psalms because it has been such a comfort to me) I realized the importance of rest. 

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Lent 2017

Tomorrow marks Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. 

Over the past few years I've blogged about my return to the observance of Lent. I neglected it for several years after I left the Catholic Church. But in 2014 I felt a strong desire to observe Lent, on my own terms. I decided that instead of giving up soda or candy (my go-to lenten fasts of my youth), I would give up yelling. This non-traditional approach to Lent actually opened my eyes as I discovered what my true problem was - not yelling, but sin and bitterness built up in my heart due to past hurts. Since then I have looked forward to Lent as a time of deep reflection on Christ's sacrifice - his death and resurrection. 

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being fully known

I recently finished reading the She Reads Truth book by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Their ministry has always been a blessing to me and I was excited to dive into their first book together. 

The book did not disappoint. I read it along with two other women and we came together every other week to discuss what had impacted us in our readings. I loved gaining insight from these women and I loved how this book touched each of us. There are a lot of good points in the book, mainly that we should always hold on to the Truth revealed in God's Word. 

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