Yes, I'm still alive...

I have neglected this dear blog of mine because summer is just such a busy time. There's not much structure and I've had my mind focused on other things for now. The kids and I spend our days playing outside and watching movies. Any little free time I have I'm trying to work on Disney Baby stuff or cleaning or cooking. I'm also trying to get my spiritual life on track. I just finished a devotional on the YouVersion app (it's called Hiding Place...a really good one for moms!) and now I'm starting a new reading plan on the brand new She Reads Truth app (download it now!). 

I'm also gearing up for Liam's THIRD birthday (third! that's, like, so old). He's dying for a Spiderman party so, obviously, we're making that happen. I'm pretty excited about it. I think it's going to be a really fun one. 

I'm still trying to raise money to go to the Influence Conference. So please please please spread the word or consider donating yourself. It would totally rock my world. 

That's all for now, friends. I hope to be back to regular posting soon!

Addicted to "the next big thing"

The past ten years have been pretty exciting. Graduating college, getting married, moving to a couple different states, graduating seminary, assisting in a church plant, having two babies... Life has been moving fast and the changes have come quickly. At times it felt overwhelming but I kind of liked it. There was always something to look forward to. Now we're settling down into a pretty predictable routine. There are no big changes on the horizon and I'm feeling a little antsy. 

I'm sitting here wondering what's next. What "big thing" can I anticipate now? We're not having a baby or moving or starting exciting jobs. We're in a lull. Well, as much of a lull as you can be in with two toddlers in tow.  

I'm trying to enjoy it but I'm addicted to that feeling you get when you know a big change is coming. But life isn't all about the exciting stuff, it's also about the inbetween stuff. The everyday. The ordinary. The simple moments. 

So I'm enjoying this time we have now. I'm enjoying these quiet years and dreaming about what's to come when this season is over without allowing it to rule my life. I'm trying anyway. :-) Because really, this time is so sweet and special.