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Thank you to Healthy Mama for sending me this great package of goodies!

Thank you to Healthy Mama for sending me this great package of goodies!

I've mentioned before that I am preparing to be a gestational surrogate (you can keep up with that journey on Part of the preparation means making sure my body is healthy and ready to take on a pregnancy. 

I met with the fertility doctor last month and he suggested I start taking prenatal vitamins. I have to admit that I was never very good about taking my prenatal vitamins in the past - mostly because a lot of them taste gross and are hard to swallow. 

Healthy Mama reached out to me at just the right time and offered to send me their products. I was so excited to receive these goodies. You can learn about the Healthy Mama mission here, but basically they want to create products for mothers-to-be that are safe to take during pregnancy. I remember always being so worried about taking medications during my pregnancies because I didn't want to take anything that would harm my baby. It's nice to see a brand that has done all the research and created a trust-worthy product for pregnant mamas. 

I've been taking the prenatal vitamins along with the DHA supplement daily and I'm pleasantly surprised that the pills don't taste horrible and are easy to swallow. Hopefully as we move forward with the surrogacy I will be able to test out the other products (bring on that sleep aid! haha). I'm happy that there is a safe and healthy option for medications out there for us mamas. 

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Isabel's Neon Dino Party

I wrote a little piece for Disney Baby about Isabel's neon dino party...but I wanted to share even MORE pictures (because the party was seriously beautiful) and give a special thanks to Apryl and Aubrey of Party Lab Miami for the amazing job they did setting everything up. Seriously, thank you! 

And thanks to all who came to celebrate with us. We love you!

Guest Post: 'Gut-Writing for God's Glory' by Victoria Wilson

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Victoria Wilson. I connected with Victoria through the Influence Network and she has definitely been influential in my life. Something that I love about Victoria and her writing is that she is always pointing people to Jesus. She's such a genuine and encouraging person. I'm also super impressed that this lady self-published her own book! It's called Re'and and it's good! 

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“Gut-writing for God’s glory” is my stake in the ground. 
Blogging and I have had a touch and go relationship. I started blogging to fill a college requirement for my term abroad. Back State-side, I continued blogging intermittently just for kicks. Eventually I noticed a few of my posts hit a nerve with people. Those early traces of community intrigued me. Motivated, my blogging became more consistent and my writing became more pointed. I began to take the Internet more seriously, wanting to deliver content that meant something. Wanting to write words that filled a deeper purpose. 

And those posts that struck people? 

They were the hardest ones to write.

Posts like when I apologized to my unborn daughter or explained why I wear two rings on my left hand.

Those posts came straight from my heart, with no watering down of the truth. They were the posts written quickly, in the heat of the moment. Desperate attempts to tack down my thoughts before the fire left my belly.Sometimes these were the posts that I agonized over for months. Wanting to ensure every comma, every capitalization, served a purpose.

“Gut-writing” is the stuff I write. Raw, real, honest stuff. 

Gut-writing should never feel ranty or judgy. It’s never cold and hopeless. I hope that gut-writing conveys passion and a sense of urgency. It is genuine; no veneer or pretense. Vulnerable. Gut-writing can be brave and timid on the same day, in the same sentence. It’s my best work, and a craft I strive to hone.  

That’s what gut-writing means to me, and I hope it means something to you, too.  

Isabel is Two

It's official, you guys. I no longer have a baby. It's so weird to be moving on with life, moving past the baby stage. The past three years I've been consumed by all things baby. It's been about cribs and bottles and wonky sleep schedules. Well, I'm sure the wonky sleep schedule isn't going anywhere because we're talking about my kids after all. 

But when I look at Isabel I see a little girl. She has all these cute toddler idiosyncrasies. She loves her rain boots and tutu. She would wear those items everyday if she could. She loves to be silly and play with Liam. She loves playing outside on the swing set. She's doing everything she can to keep up with her older brother. She'll run after him for hours. 

She still doesn't talk much, but she's definitely forming new words all the time. She counts to ten and can name various animals. She can work an iPad like a pro. Her favorite movie these days is "Tangled." 

She can be shy when she first gets around a group of people, but her personality is hilarious. She laughs and jumps and squeals. She's a shining star. She's really a happy kid most of the time.

But let me tell you, the terrible twos are beginning to show. When she doesn't want to do something she will frown and say, "No!" There are times when she will absolutely refuse to sit in her car seat and it's a battle to strap her in. She will pretend like she can't hear you calling her when it's time to change her diaper. She's a little firecracker. But she has my heart. In my eyes she can do no wrong. 

We are all so in love with this girl. She has all three of us wrapped around her little finger. I can't wait to see what this new year brings with our precious toddler.