Transformation Tuesday

I have started writing this blog post several times. I will get a few sentences out only to delete it all to start over. I simply don't have the proper words to express how good God is and how in awe I am of Him. 

Alex and I have already shared on social media that our family will soon be moving to South Carolina. The announcement was met with a mix of surprise, elation, and a bit of sadness as well. 

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Grace-Filled Parenting for the Legalist Child

Parenting is something that has been heavy on my mind since before I ever felt the first symptoms of pregnancy. I think I had a healthy fear of parenting. I knew the importance of bringing a child into the world and I wanted to do it right. 

Of course, there really is no absolute right way to be a parent. Kids are all different. Some are shy and quiet, others are loud and rambunctious. Some kids are naturally obedient people-pleasers and others are born with a curious rebellious streak. As a parent you have to be willing to adjust your sails. Even with kids within the same family you might have to make certain changes and accommodations to your parenting style. 

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My Little Mermaid

My daughter has taken a liking to Little Mermaid. So much so that when we renovated our house this summer and decided the kids could each have their own room, she requested a Little Mermaid room. 

This brought back some wonderful memories because I also had a Little Mermaid themed room when I was a kid. I even searched high and low for the same glow-in-the-dark Little Mermaid table lamp I used to have. No luck. But I'll keep scouring eBay!

I was, however, contacted about a Little Mermaid LEGO set around the same time we were remodeling, which piqued my interest. 

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rest in Him

Last Saturday we had our monthly women's gathering for Christ Fellowship Coral Gables. I had the opportunity to teach on rest. This is not something I've excelled at lately. Ever since summer ended life has been incredibly busy and full. I barely have time to slow down on any given day. But as I was reading Scripture lately (I've been camping out in the Psalms because it has been such a comfort to me) I realized the importance of rest. 

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